Play Engklek At Museums

Play Engklek At Museums

Hello Friends of Sonobudoyo, Did you know that at the Sonobudoyo Museum, there are games that can be used for the public?

The traditional game of engklek is one of the public facilities provided specifically for every visitor who will come to the Sonobudoyo Museum. This type of game is not only for children, but can also be played by adults. Besides being fun, this game also provides positive benefits when playing it. One of the benefits is getting to know the types of traditional toys in the past and being able to train aspects of motoric movements in children.

In its history, this agklek game has many mentions in each region. This game is known by different names in each region. Engklek itself comes from the Javanese language, in Betawi it is commonly known as dampu Bulan, in the Riau area it is called Setatak, in NTT it is known as siki doka, and in the Batak Toba area it is known as Marsitekka, as well as many other names.

Let's play engklek at the Sonobudoyo Museum !

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