Moral And Cultural Education To Children

Moral And Cultural Education To Children

Friday, 28/5 Sonobudoyo Museum carries out a routine agenda, namely the Sharing Session. This activity was carried out as a form of interaction between the Sonobudoyo Museum and the community through social media. This sharing session with the theme "Children Crossing Ages", presenting speakers namely Lyna Khamidah, a Yogyakarta Teaching volunteer and the 2015 National Children's Forum Alumni. This topic is interesting and suitable to be raised, said Lyna Khamidah.

In her presentation, Lyna Khamidah said that in educating children, it starts with ourselves first as an older person who can teach good things. In addition, Lyna Khamidah also said that how to educate children can also be done through traditional games, such as kasti, snakes and ladders, dhakon, candlenut fighting and so on.

The games above contain good teaching for children's growth and development. The teachings he can take from the game include honesty, patience, competition, sportsmanship and so on. Said Lyna Khamidah. (JE).

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