Summer School With Sonobudoyo's Virtual Tour

Summer School With Sonobudoyo's Virtual Tour

On August 18, 2021, the Sonobudoyo Museum held a virtual tour together with the History Department, Gajah Mada University (UGM). This event is a Summer School activity held by the Department of History UGM, where one of the activities is visiting the museum, which unfortunately currently has to be carried out in a virtual form. UGM Summer School is international in nature, so it brings students from abroad such as Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries.

This virtual tour of the museum lasts for approximately one hour, from 10 AM until 11 AM. Even though it was only for a short time, this virtual museum still ran smoothly and interestingly. This activity was held via Zoom by presenting two speakers or guides. The introduction of the Sonobudoyo Museum in English received high enthusiasm from the participants. This can be seen from the comments from participants who praised the beauty of the Sonobudoyo Museum and also the collections in Sonobudoyo so that many of them have the desire to visit the Sonobudoyo Museum.

In introducing the Sonobudoyo Museum through a virtual tour, the thirteen rooms in the Sonobudoyo Museum are carefully explained. Sonobudoyo Museum itself has twelve indoor and one outdoor rooms. The tour starts from the introduction room, continues to the prehistoric room, the Hindu-Islam room, the Batik room, the Wayang Kulit room, the Wayang Golek room, the Mask room, the Central Java room, the Weapons room, the Children's Dolanan room, and finally the Bali room. After finishing walking around the Sonobudoyo Museum through a virtual zoom tour, participants are allowed to ask questions in Question and Answer. The guide also answered several questions posed by the participants, after answering all the questions asked, the virtual tour continued to the last part which is one of the icons of the Sonobudoyo Museum. Where there is a replica of the Bentar temple. The attraction of this section is Bale Gede, a building that is usually used for Balinese traditional ceremonies, besides that this section of Bentar temple is the most frequently used photo spot by visitors to the Sonobudoyo Museum.

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