Webinar Event Freedom in Pandemic with Museum and Mental Health

Webinar Event Freedom in Pandemic with Museum and Mental Health

Museum Ambassador for the Sonobudoyo Museum held a Museum Webinar - Meet Museum Friends on Tuesday (31/8). These activity which was attended by approximately 200 participants and discussed about how the Museum can be a place to release fatigue or as a healing medium with the theme "Freedom in Pandemic with Museums and Mental Health".

On this webinar presents 2 speakers, namely dr. Yusuf Junaedi from the Resident of the Department of Psychiatry, FKKMK UGM and Rizqi Karomatul Khoiroh founding Wellsharing - Mental Health Enthusiasm - Mentor 1% of Indonesia Life School. Moderated by Dani Ajima Putra from Sudut Pandang Podcast, this activity starts at 10 AM. The first speakers, dr. Yusuf Junaedi gave material on how to maintain mental health during the current pandemic. And the second speakers, Rizqi Karomatul Khoiroh, who gave material that invited participants to be able to let go of anxiety and fatigue during this pandemic, one of which was through the Museum, especially the Sonobudoyo Museum, because through collections and historical stories behind the collection it could be a medium to release anxiety and tired or become a healing medium.

For you all Sonobudoyo's Friends who want to visit the Sonobudoyo Museum again, even during the current pandemic, Sonobudoyo Museum has a virtual tour service for all of you in the form of content on Sonobudoyo's Youtube channel, or you friends can also register your school/institution/community, to be able to experience it immediately virtual tour at Sonobudoyo Museum. Update information about Sonobudoyo through our social media accounts. Greetings Friends of the Museum, the Museum in My Heart.

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