Remembering Our Childhood, With Sonobudoyo Museum

Remembering Our Childhood, With Sonobudoyo Museum

Abhinaya Karya "Kembara Gembira : Ayo Dolan, Ayo Cerita" exhibition was already opened on June, 2 2021, got many positive feedback from visitors. Visitors was interested to saw the collections on this exhibition.

With a happy and cheerful atmosphere, Sonobudoyo Museum bring our childhood memories with many traditional game like snake and ladders, hopscotch, yoyo, and many more. Which attracts visitors on this exhibition is interaction space, in this space we can build interaction with another visitor to make a traditional craft game like windmill craft, traditional puppet craft and mini umbrella craft. Sonobudoyo Museum was made collaboration with Pandes tourist village on Bantul, was famous with the traditional craft games.

For you guys, who wanted to remembering your childhood with the traditional games, you should come to Sonobudoyo's temporary exhibition building. This exhibition already opened on June, 2 2021 until June, 30 2021, from 9 AM until 9 PM, with a free ticket. Please checked our social media for more informations, see ya guys, Ayo Dolan! Ayo Cerita!

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