Performances WACINWA First in Order Warning Chinese Cultural Week

Performances WACINWA First in Order Warning Chinese Cultural Week

Chinese Cultural Week (PBTY) to 10 in 2015 was officially closed by the Governor of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X on Thursday night (05/03/2015). After the closing ceremony continued with performances of Chinese Puppet Java (Wacinwa) with the play Sie Jin Kwi shown by puppeteer Aneng Kriswantoro.Chinese puppet Java (Wacinwa) is a world cultural heritage and historical heritage is very important for this nation. Wacinwa a creation Gan Thwan Sing in 1925 in Yogyakarta, Java language penuturannya and Javanese gamelan accompaniment, while the puppets are made of buffalo leather. The story is lifted from the myths and legends of China, for example, Si Djien Koei adapted into a play Ketoprak Joko Sudiro. The play book is written in the Java language and script.

In his speech lane X expressed high appreciation for the administration PBTY 10th of this year, which has a higher value than that of yesteryear with a number of collaborative experimentation and fusion of Chinese and Javanese arts.He also invites the public, especially the Chinese community, and the local government to bring back Wacinwa and the manuscript of Germany, because it is derived from Yogyakarta Wacinwa.

At this time lived a set of puppets and a play script stored at the State Museum Sonobudoyo Yogyakarta, a set of puppets and 39 manuscripts in the library of Berlin, Germany, and a set of puppets longer exists in Uberlingen (Bodensee, Germany) owned by Dr. Walter Angst.

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