Joint Exhibition Museum Se-Indonesia 2015 In Order Anniversary of Taman Mini "Indonesia Indah" 40th

Joint Exhibition Museum Se-Indonesia 2015 In Order Anniversary of Taman Mini
Joint Exhibition Museum Se-Indonesia 2015 in Theatre of national unity in order HUT Taman Mini Indonesia Indah to-40 was officially opened yesterday (Thursday, 16/04/2015). The series of events in which this exhibition is Nusatara Culinary Festival, Exhibition & Exchange Flora Fauna, Featured Products Expo archipelago, Workshop amide Se-Indonesia and Healthy With Museum. The exhibition entitled "Cultural Exploration Maritime Indonesia".
In this exhibition, Sonobudoyo theme is "Among Farmers Screen Trade". The theme is a great strategy that the government of Yogyakarta Special Region of Yogyakarta renaissance has been formulated in accordance with the spirit of the Law no. 13 Year 2012 on Privileges DIY to build a new civilization.
Among peasants screen trade comes from the Javanese word meaning the south coast regional development focus. Because during the development largely focused on land. It will be the south coast as the front page of DIY. DIY government has plans to build a port to facilitate the ship - a large vessel that carry out activities related to marine and maritime world.
Collections are exhibited by Sonobudoyo in this exhibition are two models of ships, ship models and models Ship Mayang Pinisi, six photos are photos Jukung Pemaceng Banyuwangi Ships and Boats photo Jukung Purbalingga 1926, photo preface, photo boat charts, photos gondola for lobster fishing waders and photo Baron Beach boat in Gunung Kidul. People can enjoy this exhibition until Monday 20 April 2015.
With the implementation of this exhibition is expected attention from the government in the area of ??the museum increasingly positive. In addition it is expected to further increase the interest of the public to visit the museum, and is expected to motivate people to change the mindset shift from an agricultural field to the maritime field. Because this is in line with the vision and mission of the Indonesian government to promote and develop the economy in the field of marine and maritime.

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