Batik Collection Exhibition Sonobudoyo The Variety Pesona Nusantara Traditional Cloth 2015

Batik Collection Exhibition Sonobudoyo The Variety Pesona Nusantara Traditional Cloth 2015

      The Exhibition of Traditional Cloth Variety Pesona Nusantara 2015 held at the Museum Adityawarman Padang, West Sumatra (5 to 8 August 2015), Sonobudoyo exhibiting a collection of batik cloth. Here batik cloth on display Sonobudoyo:

1. Batik Motif Truntum
      Truntum traditional batik motifs symbolize a love that blossomed or bertautnya back love. Kono Truntum motif is created when the empress Susuhunan Pakubowono III being forgotten by her husband. In sorrow because it no longer considered the husband (forgotten) the consort closer and always prayed to God Almighty created while batik and star motifs - stars. Finally diligence dilambari with silence get closer to the Creator to fruition. Love blossomed and the king returned with a sense of love always look and pay attention to the empress batik motifs. This motif later named Truntum which means bertautnya love.

2. Batik Motif Kasatrian
      Principal building on this pattern rectangle with a circle in the middle. Field contents consisting of a pattern parang / slope Islamic nuanced, nuanced Buddhist nitik pattern, a symbol - a symbol of Hindu and traditional nuances example kawung. In this motif contains the value - the value of aesthetic unity, complexity and seriousness (restrain), adapted to the present. These motifs have meaning of a message that all the knights of the archipelago (the spirited leader) must protect the noble culture in the motherland. Plain cloth worn as a bridal procession ceremony before the bride and groom sitting on a chair bride.

3. Sido Mukti Batik Motif
      Sido Mukti batik motifs Yogyakarta style patterned cement. Sido meant to be, Mukti means Honor. This motif symbolizes hope adequacy and happy life in the inner and outer world hereafter. Worn by the bride during the ceremony consent qobul and Panggih.

4. Batik Motif Sido Asih
       Sido meant to be, Asih means affection, love. This motif symbolizes the hope of living together in mutual love, love when his joy and sorrow with lambaran pious to God Almighty. As Sido Mukti, Sido Asih also worn by the bride while Panggih and consent qobul ceremony.

5. Batik Motif Sido Luhur
       As Sido Mukti and Sido Asih, this motif was also worn by the bride a pair of ceremonies when Panggih and consent qobul. This motif symbolizes life expectancy becomes sublime. Sublime in the post / position in society and noble in character and behavior.

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