Sonobudoyo Museum is holding an exhibition for the umpteenth time. This time, the chosen theme is children's lives. Not without reason, the choice of this theme is based on the museum's idea to build a child-friendly museum atmosphere and a friendly museum for all people. With the title “Kembara Gembira: Come on Dolan! Let's Tell a Story!”, Sonobudoyo invites the visitors to have an adventure to re-discover the world of children which is fun, colorful, but also full of values ??and character.

Even though it tells the story of the world of children, this exhibition still places cultural issues as part of its identity. Several things related to tradition and socio-cultural context also fill the corners of the showroom, such as children's traditional ceremonies in the concept of a life cycle. On the other hand, traditional games, such as dakon, kitiran, klontongan or othok-othok can be seen in the showroom. This traditional game is presented as part of local wisdom that has the potential to educate visitors. Despite the fact, this traditional game which is full of local wisdom values ??has been eroded by the times.

Kembara Gembira: Come on Dolan! Come on Story! started from an idea to provide a different experience for visitors through an unusual exhibition flow. Visitors to the exhibition must go through a maze to be able to enjoy the collections displayed or when they want to move from one room to another. From here the visitors will reminisce and re-experience the joys they once felt in their childhood. Finally, Kembara Gembira: Come on Dolan! Come on Story! is a nostalgic space to re-discover the world of children who are full of joy and excitement, as well as a means to introduce various types of traditional games to today's generation.

“We hope that through this exhibition not only adults who have an interest in museums, but also children. This exhibition is also a vehicle for education for today's children about values, norms, and harmony learned from past manners,” said Pak Iwan, Head of the Sonobudoyo Museum.

The Abhinaya Karya exhibition was held at the Temporary Exhibition building, Jalan. Trikora/Pangurakan No. 4 Yogyakarta. This activity takes place from 02-30 June 2021, starting at 09.00-21.00 WIB. Although the conditions do not allow for activities that invite large crowds, this exhibition can be visited with family but still adhere to the health protocols that have been provided.

The lively activity of "Abhinaya Karya Exhibition" consists of a series of activities that are expected to accommodate the interests and aspirations of all levels of society that can be followed through the Sonobudoyo Museum's social media application. Not to forget, the holding of this exhibition was also supported by several parties such as Mandala Majapahit UGM, toy village activists in Pandes Village, Pangguharjo, Bantul, as well as various parties who cannot be mentioned one by one in contributing to this exhibition.


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