2015 Opening of the State Museum of Culture title Sonobudoyo

2015 Opening of the State Museum of Culture title Sonobudoyo

              Culture 2015 title Sonobudoyo State Museum was officially opened by the Head of Culture DIY, Drs. H. Umar Priyono, M.Si represented by Dra.Riharyani as the Head of the State Museum Sonobudoyo (Saturday, 04/25/2015). In his speech he said that the museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the public with the aim of collecting, preserving, researching and communicating, showing proof - proof material, humans and the environment with the goal of education, research and recreation. In accordance with the understanding necessary support activities in addition to the museum presentation of the activities in the museum collection permanent exhibition. The supporting activities if managed properly will be one of the attractions for the public to visit museum.Pembukaan marked by the release of gas balloons and enlivened with dances and dance Golek new creations.

             This day is a series of Culture 2015 title Sonobudoyo second day of the State Museum, the Dance Competition Competition Level Kindergarten and Elementary Level Macapat DIY. The jury of TK Level Dance Competition DIY ie Endah Dwi Suryani, S.Sn (SD N Lempuyangan 1), Umi Krismiati, S.Sn (SD N Tegalrejo) and Ngatini, S.Sn (Art Padepokan Bangong Kusumodiharjo). Adapaun result of

Dance Competition Level Se-DIY TK as follows:
Winner                   : TK Putra Fajar with Dance Satriyo
Second Place       : TK Laboratory Pedagogia FIP UNY with Dance Caping
Third Place            : TK ABA Coral Kunti with Meow Dance
Runner I                 : TK Batik PPBI with Dance Caping
Runner II                : TK ABA Karanganyar with Dancing Elephant

While the Competition jury Macapat Elementary Level DIY Dra. Suyami, M.Hum (Institute for Preservation of Cultural Values ??Yogyakarta), Jumiyo Siswo Pangarso, S.Pd (SD N Margoyasan) and Wiyani, S.Sn (SMK N 1 Bantul). Adapaun results of Competition Macapatan

Elementary Level Se-DIY as follows:
Winner                : SD Negeri 1 Bantul
Second Place    : Elementary School Trucuk Bantul
Third Place         : Elementary School Suryodiningratan 3
Runner I              : Elementary School Gedong Kuning
Runner II             : Elementary School easterlies

             Charter granting the award, a trophy and a sum of money to the champions guidance given by the Head of the State Museum Sonobudoyo, Dra. Riharyani and structural officials Sonobudoyo State Museum along with the jury.
             State Museum of Culture title Sonobudoyo 2015 is the first activity organized by the State Museum Sonobudoyo and hopefully be sustainable. The activity was held to attract visitors to the museum, especially students in the province to visit the museum as well as promotion of the State Museum Sonobudoyo.
             Through activities Cultural Museum degree is expected that participants can better appreciate the culture of the valuable work of the Indonesian nation the past so as to bring a sense of belonging and pride in the work of the nation itself.

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