Women And Art Masterpieces

Women And Art Masterpieces

Yogyakarta- Every April 21st is the anniversary of the hero of female emancipation, Raden Ajeng Kartini. Her work in equalizing the position of women and men inspires all Indonesian women today.

Museum Sonobudoyo also commemorated kartini day celebration in 2021 by conducting a sharing session themed "Exploring Women's Identity Through Wayang Sothil". This sharing session was held on Thursday (22/04) at Ndalem Condrokiranan Lobby Room (Museum Sonobudoyo Unit 2).

Sharing Session special kartini day this time Museum Sonobudoyo presents an extraordinary female figure in becoming a figure kartini today. He is The Decree of Banu Arum Mumpuni or familiar in sapa mbak Tata. Mbak Tata is a puppet creator who has been visiting foreign countries.

He is originally from Semarang, Central Java, and is currently studying a Bachelor's degree at Gadjah Mada University. His role in becoming a kartini figure today is reflected in his high creativity in creating and creating contemporary puppet forms, namely wayang sothil.

The decree of Banu Arum Mumpuni, conveyed that being a woman must be independent not depending on anyone, because women also have the same rights and obligations. He also added that in fact the woman not only plays the role of manak, macak, cook, but more than that.

Kartini's inspirational figure today is reflected in the attitude and integrity possessed by The Decree of Banu Arum Mumpuni. Her fighting spirit and courage in creating outstanding art masterpieces despite a lot of talk from outsiders did not dampen her spirit to fly the flag of women who are able to compete with men on the global stage. (JE)


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