Sana Budaya : From Orientalism until Nasionalism 2

Sana Budaya : From Orientalism until Nasionalism 2

After the colonial and indigenous peoples understood each other's language and culture, the Dutch East Indies colonial state was formed in Java in the early nineteenth century, which had a focus in its formation, namely the formation of colonial institutions. The form is in the form of administrative and bureaucratic formation from the top to the bottom structure, complete with the government model that will be applied. The interaction between Western and indigenous powers began to develop more politically and ideologically, because of the trade power that had been transformed into state power.

From 1825 to 1830, the War of Java took place, which was the first test faced by the colonial power, which had not even been established for a long time. Even though at that time the Dutch had 200 years of experience in physical conflict in war with the Javanese, because of the Java War, it had a wide enough scope to get the support of indigenous people from various classes.

This resulted in the Netherlands having to solve the problem after five years by draining so much money and loss of life. From this incident finally aroused colonial awareness towards the development of knowledge about Java.


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