Sana Budaya : From Orientalism until Nasionalism 3

Sana Budaya : From Orientalism until Nasionalism 3

At that time, a big question arose in the minds of the Dutch people about the Javanese. How the Javanese, who are known to have Hindu-Buddhist and Javanese cultural backgrounds, can mobilize and be mobilized massively with Islamic ideology. This question can only be understood if there is a scientific and in-depth study of the Javanese people. An understanding of the language that was limited to colonial translators was not enough, because understanding Javanese had to be part of the skills of all colonial officials.

According to Gericke, a European evangelist from the Dutch East Indies Evangelical Organization said that such a situation of 'only understanding Javanese' was not enough. He also advises with a very basic question, "How can you control a huge colony if they do not understand their history and culture?", and also the frontal attitude of Javanese society towards the colonialists can be caused by the tendency of Europeans to ignore or even destroying the cultural order of the Javanese people which they have and respect.

Serat Suryoalam, Nawala Pradata Dalem, Hangger-Hanggeran, Hangger Ageng, Hangger Sadasa, Manikmaya, Ambiya, Dewaruci, Harjuna Wiwaha, Harjuna Sasrabahu, Papawi Ki Ageng Sela, Wulang Reh. The following titles are some of the important manuscript titles at that time, which even the Dutch people never understood at all. Therefore, Gericke recommends that the state make serious efforts to conduct a study of the history and culture of the indigenous people. Where is meant by indigenous people are all people, so it is not only Javanese, so that a harmonious socio-political atmosphere and conditions will be created.

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