History Of Panji Stories

History Of Panji Stories

The banner story was born during the heyday of the Majapahit Kingdom. At that time, the language and literature of Central Java emerged and developed rapidly. The birth of the Central Javanese language was marked by the emergence of several Javanese (Indonesian) original stories. According to Poerbatjaraka (1968), argued that the birth of the middle Javanese language and literature was a reaction to Old Javanese language which contained ceritra originating from India. This is because during the time of the Majapahit Kingdom at that time, they began to not understand Old Javanese.

So that a new language was born in Middle Javanese. The emergence of the Central Javanese language presented new stories that appeared and were told both verbally and also in writing. Stories that were born from the existence of the Central Javanese language include Tantu Penggelaran, Calon Arang, and Pararaton (Poerbatjaraka, 1968). In addition to stories, the emergence of new languages ??at that time also provided literary works in the form of developments known as kidung. According to Zoetmulder (1983) literary works that were born in the form of kidung include, Song of Harsawijaya, Kidung Ranggalawe, Sundayana, Sorandaka, and Wabang Wideya.

Besides the literary works above, during the heyday of the Majapahit Kingdom at that time, the love story of Panji was also born. The Panji story is a story that has the character of national pride. In Modern Javanese life, the Panji story is also displayed and developed in society with various influences on the structure of the story.

The influence of the structure of the Panji story in the Modern Javanese Caseastran era is in the form of storylines, mandates, and themes from the Panji stories. The Panji stories have many features, apart from having an interesting story, there are also things that are also inserted into the story that describes domestic life. The depiction of domestic life in the Panji story is very complete with all the joys and sorrows of the stepmother, the story of husband and wife, family affection, to loyalty to friends and relatives and fellow human beings.

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