Indonesian Disaster History Literacy Seminar

Indonesian Disaster History Literacy Seminar

Sonobudoyo- In order to strengthen the disaster literacy mission so that it becomes a lesson, reminder,
and strengthening of the community with good literacy quality as well as building a new Indonesian civilization that is more resilient to disasters,
the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) collaborates with National Library of Indonesia, National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia,
U.N. -INSPIRE Indonesia held an International Seminar on Disaster History Literacy in Indonesia.

The organization of this activity invites various institutions, one of which is the Sonobudoyo Museum,
to participate in the success of the activity. The activity was carried out for 2 (two) days, namely on October 13-14, 2021.

The International Seminar on Literacy on Disaster History in Indonesia was held by gluing and rearranging various lessons,
skills, and cross-disciplinary skills related to disaster. history. In practice, this seminar also examines the collection of manuscripts from the National Library of Indonesia
regarding disasters that occurred in Indonesia in the past. This provides a new insight,
that the history of disasters in Indonesia has received attention since ancient times. (JE).






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