Talkshow Behind Kembara Gembira Exhibition: Ayo Dolan! Ayo Cerita!

Talkshow Behind Kembara Gembira Exhibition: Ayo Dolan! Ayo Cerita!

Museum Sonobudoyo - Thursday (10/07) The team that organizes and prepares the Abhinaya Karya exhibition collection "Kembara Gembira: Come on Dolan! Let's Tell a Story! Attend a virtual talk show program with RBTV Yogyakarta. This activity is one of the promotional efforts as well as education to the public related to organizing the exhibition which is currently taking place at the Sonobudoyo Museum.

The theme of the Sonobudoyo Museum talk show with RBTV discussed the implementation of the Abhinaya Karya exhibition "Kembara Gembira: Let's Dolan! Let's Tell!. The team from the Sonobudoyo Museum was attended by Isnaini Umi Muslikah and Sony Syaifudin as one of the figures who took part in organizing the exhibition. this time.

"One of the unique games in this exhibition is the Kemiri Adu game. This type of game may no longer be owned, and the Sonobudoyo Museum still owns and maintains it". Said Sony Sayfudin.
Various types of traditional and contemporary games are also presented in this exhibition such as snakes and ladders, jengga, yoyo, engklek or sunda manda, and various other types of traditional toys.

Isnaini Umi Muslikhah said that in the game Jengga is a game that is quite unique. This is because on each orange block, messages are written on the noble pitutur fiber. With that, visitors can take the message conveyed and use it as capital to become a better human being.

In addition to conveying matters related to the exhibition, the Sonobudoyo team also said that currently Sonobudoyo is also holding various regular activities such as Wayang Kulit, Populist Art Performances, Wayang Topeng Panji Performances, Live Music, and Film Shows at the Sonobudoyo Museum Cinema.

The various activities carried out at the Sonobudoyo Museum, of course, always apply various strict health protocols, so that every visitor can comfortably and safely travel at the Sonobudoyo Museum.

To get information about the exhibition and the Sonobudoyo Museum, please visit the official Sonobudoyo social media account. (JEF)

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