Inspirational Talkshow 'Kartini 2.0'

Community education in April at Sonobudoyo Museum in collaboration with DIY Museum Ambassador Association held on 21 April 2018, with the theme "Kartini 2.0". At this event, invited two inspiring women speakers, Mrs. Toeti Lukman (Founder of Women Movement Museum, Member of House of Representatives 2004-2009) and Ibu Ayu Cornellia (Founder and Director of Cornellia and Co).
On this occasion it discusses how Javanese women can still have a career and self-actualization without 'jumping' from custom and cultural frames. Besides Ibu Nusieta Ayu D. Primadian from Chattra Kebaya community (Paguyuban Pecinta and Pengengkati Kebaya) also share their knowledge in art of berkebaya with Ambassadors of Museum as its model.
The activity also underlines that woman / wife career as high as possible and fly as high as possible but with ridho husband, and be smart woman because smart man will find smart woman to complement each other. Kartini spirit that must be fought is in the current era and then Indonesian women must be smart and clever by still putting forward the Javanese and Indonesian culture that is noble.

Happy Kartini Day!


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