Sonobudoyo's Virtual Contents

Sonobudoyo's Virtual Contents

Hello Sonobudoyo's friends, in the midst of the current emergency PPKM, requires us to stay at home, in order to suppress the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia, especially in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. We miss many activities, one of which is walking, where Yogyakarta itself as we know there are many tourist attractions, one of which is the Sonobudoyo Museum which is an educational tourist spot.

Many Sonobudoyo's friends certainly miss being able to visit the Sonobudoyo Museum directly However, all of Sonobudoyo's friends can treat their homesickness by visiting the Museum's social media. All friends can visit the Sonobudoyo Museum Youtube channel to see some uploaded activity videos, such as the Virtual Tour Museum, Curator's Corner, Webinars, Documentaries, and many more educational content but also entertain all Sonobudoyo Friends. Friends, you can directly search the Sonobudoyo Museum Youtube channel via Youtube search or the following link to be able to directly connect to the Sonobudoyo Museum Youtube channel.

We also urge all Sonobudoyo Friends to always apply health protocols with discipline and also follow every recommendation from the government, so that the situation can recover. Stay healthy, friends, and keep up with information about the Sonobudoyo Museum on the Sonobudoyo Museum social media account. Greetings Friends of the Museum, the Museum in My Heart.


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